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Inception (2010) (UPDATED) Your mind is the scene of the crime-

(Given torrent is a good copy and the DVDRIP, verified.. :) download and enjoy.)

I'm sorry for taking a long time to give you this.Its because of the difficulty in finding a good copy.At last I found one thats ok to watch.So today at last I'm bringing you the most awaited movie, Christopher Nolan's the Inception. It has already won the heart of millions worldwide and so much have have already described it as the movie of the century. Why it became so special? Lets find out.

Personally I wouldn't loved it more as it has my favorite actor Leonardo DiCaprio. I think he's the most realistic and wide ranged actor in hollywood. Now those who like others do not get angry with me ok :)
If I introduce you a little to the movie it goes like this..,

The American(2010)-one last assignment-

Today I'm goning to bring you a latest movie from George Clooney.Released on1st of September, 'The American' reserved its position in the box office charts for many weeks. It is one of the most awaited movies lately and I'm bringing you a quality copy here.George Clooney starrs as Jack and Irina Brijoklund as Ingrid. To give you heads up into the movie

The Last Airbender(2010) -four nations one destiny-

We are bringing you a latest one today and its a family movie "The Last Airbender". The movie is based on the world famous cartoon series Avatar: The Last Airbender production of the Nickeledeon tv channel. This series became highly popular among children and many more. So here it is in a movie you can enjoy it even more. The story briefly like this...

Russel Crowe in a Kung-Fu movie?

As we all know Russel Crowe from the Gladiator and the American Gangster etc is going to make a change soon. He reportedly going to be fighting in Kung - fu with a hip-hop star . Crowe and RZA worked together three years ago in Ridley Scott's American Gangster. 
They both have signed to co-star in a movie titled The Man With the Iron Fist (no relation to the Marvel Comic superhero Iron Fist).
RZA will play a weapons-making village blacksmith in feudal China. The movie starts shooting in December in Shanghai and Universal reportedly green lighted Iron Fist in May with a $20 million budget.
You can read more from Here .

Angelina Jolie gets conned..

The latest news regarding Angelina is not that good. She has recently got conned by a security guard while in Budapest shooting in her latest movie. There have been more obstacles to the movie as her permit to film in Bosnia has been cut off but luckily she got back. And now she was conned by a guard. She paid him $2,750 to permit her to film in building that he didn't own even without informing his partner.

Taare Zameen Par (2007) / Like stars on earth

After some time today I'm gonna bring you a movie that can be enjoyed by absolutely everyone.Its mainly based on a child's life that clashes with the big expectations of the parents. The movie cast made up of Aamir Khan as Ram Shankar Nikum 'the art teacher' and Darsheel Safarey as Ishan Awasthi the adorable little boy.Aamir by this one also has made his mark as one of the best actors in bollywood movie industry.
The movie very lively demonstrates the childhood of Ishaan when he was going through a rough time. To tell you a little more..

Wall Street Money Never Sleeps (2010)

First of all I'm sorry for delaying a new movie to publish.What took me so long is that I changed my site and gave it a new name too.Movie Buzzer from now on.
So today I'll give you a new and a latest thats upfront in the rankings too. Wall Street Money Never Sleeps is based on the slump of the US economy went through recently.
Starring Michael Douglas as Gordon Gekko and Shia Labeouf as Jake Moore.
To give you a little intro into the movie...

American Gangster(2007) -two sides to the American dream-

Even though its a few years old today I'm taking you to another greatest movie of the recent times which is based on a true story. You have all watched Denzel Washington (from The Training Day, Man on fire) and Russel Crowe ? Then how about a movie with both of 'em combined. It would be great right. Yeah its a simply awesome movie.If your not sure just see the trailer here first and if u can see the comments put onto that youtube video.Then you will realize. You might wonder...

State Of Play(2009) -Can a thriller get any better-

Today I'm not gonna give you a latest movie but you should not miss this as it is almost the best a thriller can get.  When watching some movies specially at the end we just think back what the hell just happened here.This is one of those intriguing type of movies.I found this when I was looking down Russel Crowe and I guess most of u have missed this and thats why I thought of giving you. But let me tell you this is not a movie to miss and certainly one of the best thrillers I've watched. Its loaded with some of the great names in the Hollywood movie industry. I hope theres no need of me to introduce Russel Crowe as he is one of the Legends out there is Cal McAffrey the journalist. Guess you have watched the famous 'Notebook' and you will surely know of the beauty, Rachel McAdams and she's Della Frye.

Knight And Day (2010)

Do u like Tom Cruise or Cameron Diaz? I guess its 'yes' as they are legends in the Hollywood film industry. The latest movie with both of them is "Knight and Day". From movies like Mission Impossible we all remember Tom Cruise as an action hero and yet again he proves his abilities even when he's in his middle age.
This isn't an action movie alone but a comedy as well.Some says its a better comdey than the one I recently gave with Kevin James "The Grown Ups".And once again the Cameron Diaz has done a great job as well.
Enough with the stars, back to the movie now....

The Shawshank Redemption(1994) -Fear can hold you prisoner, Hope can set you free-

If someone asks you have you watched the world's top rated movie ever??What would you say. Here it is..Directed by Frank Darabont,based on writing by Stephen King, that one of the most inspiring movie is titled "The Shawshank Redemption".It was produced on 1994 but believe me you can enjoy every moment of this 142 minute masterpiece.You may think that this might be some old crap but lets get this straight its a really nice movie with a well constructed story and a perfect flow throughout.Stars in the movie are Tim Robins as Andy Dufresne and Morgan Freeman as Ellis Boyd Redding aka Red.Lets get a bit into the movie now..

Toy Story 3(2010) -The great escape-

From all of you who's reading this I like to ask who doesn't like animation movies.Specially Pixar cartoons. 
The most popular Finding Nemo,Up, Wall -E are created by them.I’m a huge fan of the Toy Story franchise, so needless to say I was very excited to watch Toy Story 3, the newest Pixar cartoon and a 3D adventure. A good copy was hard to come by. So it took some time and here I'm giving you a 1.4GB full quality copy the best available yet.I'll update the post ASAP when a dvdrip is available.

Resident Evil: AfterLife(2010) -She's back...And she's bringing a few of her friends-

This Movie can not be unfamiliar to any movie lover.Its name alone associated with movies ,games and many more in this industry. So...Its the fourth installment of a successful series RESIDENT EVIL. This one is named afterlife. Mila Jovovich as Alice starrs once again in this one as well.Wentworth Miller as many of you know from the popular tv series, prison break is in this one too.I hope you won't need much of a intro into this movie but anyway I'll tell a little bit..

Jonah Hex (2010) -Revenge Gets Ugly-

Today I'll give you Jonah HEX, directed by Jimmy Hayward and starring Josh Brolin as Jonah Hex.
If u love to watch Megan Fox in action then it is your day.She is 'Lilah' in the movie.To introduce you to the movie briefly it goes like this....

Predators(2010) - Fear is Reborn -

Today I'm going to give a latest movie out there and it might not be unfamiliar to most of you. Predator was one of the most famous movies in 1990's starring with Arnold Schwarzenegger.Now its time for another hit.This time Predators features Adrian Brody as Royce,Tropher Grace as Edwin and Alice Braga as Isabelle and many more to come like Lawrence Fishburne.
The brief summary of the story goes on like this...

Superman/Batman: Apocalypse (2010) -The End is Near-

I'm proud to give you the first animation movie through Perfect movie. Its the latest "Superman/Batman: Apocalypse".
It is , DC Universe whos back with another animated feature, and this time it’s Superman/Batman: Apocalypse, the semi-sequel to last fall’s animated feature adaptation,Superman/Batman: Public Enemies.
Like Public Enemies, Superman/Batman: Apocalypse is based on a storyline by Jeph Loeb (Batman: Hush) and late artist Michael Turner (Fathom), which debuted in the ongoing Superman/Batman comic book series.

In this animated version,

Law Abiding Citizen(2009) -Justice is his Vengeance-

How do you stop a killer who is already behind bars? This question will definitely come to you when you watch the movie that I'm gonna give you today." Law Abiding Citizen" was only released last year and its one of those movies that you can watch over and over again and still enjoy the exhilarating chain of events and the movie has been able to grasp the spectators enthusiasm till the final moments.

Get Him To Greek (2010) -Arriving This Summer (Hopefully)-

I was skeptical about “Get Him to the Greek” from the outset for a couple of reasons: It’s a spin-off of “Forgetting Sarah Marshall,” which I pretty much hated, and the one-note premise about a bumbling young music exec (Jonah Hill) struggling to get burnt-out rock star Aldous Snow (Russell Brand, reprising his “Marshall” character) to L.A.‘s Greek Theatre within a small window of time sounds like a simple excuse for endless

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