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Inception (2010) (UPDATED) Your mind is the scene of the crime-

(Given torrent is a good copy and the DVDRIP, verified.. :) download and enjoy.)

I'm sorry for taking a long time to give you this.Its because of the difficulty in finding a good copy.At last I found one thats ok to watch.So today at last I'm bringing you the most awaited movie, Christopher Nolan's the Inception. It has already won the heart of millions worldwide and so much have have already described it as the movie of the century. Why it became so special? Lets find out.

Personally I wouldn't loved it more as it has my favorite actor Leonardo DiCaprio. I think he's the most realistic and wide ranged actor in hollywood. Now those who like others do not get angry with me ok :)
If I introduce you a little to the movie it goes like this..,

Corporate espionage. Cobb can invade people's dreams, so corporations hire him to steal business secrets from rivals' subconscious. Saito, an energy magnate, wants Cobb to do the reverse: not take information, but plant an idea in a rival's mind. In return, he'll fix problems with the US government so Cobb can return to his children.

Cobb takes the near-impossible job, planning three layers of dreams within dreams for the mark. It requires a larger team taking a powerful sedative: if something goes awry, the dreamers may not awake. Cobb doesn't tell his team that his past nurtures feelings powerful enough to bring on this comatose state for all of them. And the children - are they real?
So I don't want to waste your fun of watching it.
Just a reminder it has 9.1/10 in IMDB so I can only say its a must watch movie..Enjoy...

(torrent - DVDRip-Xvid-arrow)


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rosepleasure said...

Wow! Thank you. I love Leonardo DiCaprio too. Can't wait for my download to finish.

Daniels said...

Yeah..I've given the latest and a quality copy here.Enjoy :)

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