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Wall Street Money Never Sleeps (2010)

First of all I'm sorry for delaying a new movie to publish.What took me so long is that I changed my site and gave it a new name too.Movie Buzzer from now on.
So today I'll give you a new and a latest thats upfront in the rankings too. Wall Street Money Never Sleeps is based on the slump of the US economy went through recently.
Starring Michael Douglas as Gordon Gekko and Shia Labeouf as Jake Moore.
To give you a little intro into the movie...

When the global economy threatens to hit rock-bottom, Jake Moore (Shia Labeouf), a
promising young Wall Street trader teams up with ex-con and former Wall Street corporate
raider Gordon Gekko (Michael Douglas). Together, the two come up with a plan to alert
the financial community of its potential ruin and to find those responsible for the death of
Jake's mentor.

I was waiting for a good copy of this movie and it was  a good movie after sometime and I've given you here the 700Mb copy.Imdb 6.7/10.Enjoy!!

(torrent-R5.line.xvid 700MB  )

To view the trailer go to this link TRAILER

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for hitting the buzzer. A contemporary movie like this one is surely going to be awesome.

Daniels said... sure does

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