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State Of Play(2009) -Can a thriller get any better-

Today I'm not gonna give you a latest movie but you should not miss this as it is almost the best a thriller can get.  When watching some movies specially at the end we just think back what the hell just happened here.This is one of those intriguing type of movies.I found this when I was looking down Russel Crowe and I guess most of u have missed this and thats why I thought of giving you. But let me tell you this is not a movie to miss and certainly one of the best thrillers I've watched. Its loaded with some of the great names in the Hollywood movie industry. I hope theres no need of me to introduce Russel Crowe as he is one of the Legends out there is Cal McAffrey the journalist. Guess you have watched the famous 'Notebook' and you will surely know of the beauty, Rachel McAdams and she's Della Frye.

Ben Affleck is the other star in this thriller. Based on a TV series broadcasted on BBC, The  State of Play continues the American tradition of turning journalism into a turbulent political thriller. Its based on two two seemingly unrelated deaths,a petty thief is gunned down in an alley and a Congressman's assistant falls in front of a subway.This is where Cal comes into action and goes a long way to finally solve the mystery around it.Della gives him invaluable support.

The movie has so many twists and turns that it virtually makes you think so much of whos doing what and stuff.Ben Affleck, the congressman does his part so well and almost gets out of trouble. Cal( Crowe) puts his life at risk to unravel the secrets and  finally by a little hint of suspicion he gets in a conversation.Whether he does it at time or he fails and dies in vain?thats upto you to find out.

Russel Crowe through a journalist in this one has once again amazed us with some pure talent. This movie is one of those rare ones you can watch without sex,drugs or so much gun flicks.
So I highly recommend you this thriller since I watched it and enjoyed it a great deal. Imdb ratings 7.3/10.

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HBIC said...

Wow...I have never even heard of this one. Sounds like a great cast and plot.

Daniels said...

Then my guess was correct.I'm wondering how we missed such a great movie with even 'Russel Crowe'.Try to watch it,one of the best..

Sledge said...

A great film, based on a BBC drama you know...

Daniels said...

Yeah Sledge..True. Maxxa movie ryt..cheers!

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