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Kevin James And Adam Sandler To Team Up AGAIN?

Think of how funny it will be!!!!
Actually, it'll probably be just more of the same. The movie's calledValet Guys, and it's exactly what you think it is:

Leonardo DiCaprio Inception'd His Way To Highest Paid Actor In Forbes

Tough luck, Johnny Depp!

The new champ is Leo DiCaprio, as he has decided to slide into the previously cozy spot at #1 for Depp.

The Catch Me If You Can actor earned $77m in 2010 to claim the top spot on the Forbes

The Bourne Trilogy~~All three Matt Damon super assassin movies in one collection

The Bourne Identity 
If you are anything like me, the mere idea of an espionage-infused spy thriller ranks pretty low on your list of must-sees. It's not because the genre is deficient or unexciting, but because all of the decent stories have already been told, all the cool gadgets have been seen, and all the explosions and car chases have been done to death. I mean seriously,

One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest (1975) -If he’s crazy, what does that make you?-~396MB~

Today I'm going to give you the most oldest movie I've given through my blog But nevertheless its on the top 100 of all time great movies list...8.9/10 in IMDB ratings.So I assure you it's one of the best in classics I could find and you'll be thrilled till the end :)

True Blood Season 1 Episode 6 Cold Ground

True Blood Season 1 Episode 6 Cold Ground

Ali G In Da House (2002) ~ Me Iz Introducin A White Paper~ 692MB

This is a movie I've been waiting for a long time to upload. Its not simply a comedy for those who love dumb ass movies but something you wont see everyday. But first I must warn this is not suitable for children.:)) As one of the fans has commented  "Yes it is sexist, rude and extremely crude, and I loved it.." So it's yours now to enjoy!!

Friends with Benefits (2011)~Friendship is a four-letter word~ 335MB

There are several reasons to watch Friends with Benefits. One: Mila Kunis is hot. Two: Mila Kunis is frickin’ awesome and three: Yeah, there is also Justin Timberlake. There is also a great parade of the cameos throughout the movie and a great many exchange of funny one-liners. In its own right, Friends with Benefits is not an extraordinary masterpiece,

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