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Gladiator (2010) -What We Do In Life Echoes In Eternity-

First of all I'd like to say, I'm sure almost all of you has watched this. For some may be even several times, like me :). I'm giving this movie because my blog would be an empty place without this. I just realized the beauty of this movie and sharing it with everyone (though its bit old) when I recently watched it and it was able take my breath away each and every second I watch it. And as I've already said Russel Crowe is my favorite actor and this is one the all time greats in my list of movies. The music, the acting, fight sequences you name it and all of them are so brilliantly fit into 155minutes, which makes the time passed so quickly at the end.
 So what I suggest is to watch this one on a lifetime movie another time and see how crappy the latest superhero movies. Even the green hornet, kick ass, superman or all of these are just tiny bits and pieces infront of this kinda superhit. Winning 5 Oscars & another 45 wins & 79 nominations will prove to you how wonderful it has been. And 8.4/10 in inDB ratings and has won #97 place in the all time great 250 movies. So I'm giving you a high quality copy to watch and enjoy if u like it..


Ridley Scott
Writers: David Franzoni (story), David Franzoni(screenplay)

Stars: Russell Crowe, Joaquin Phoenix and Connie Nielsen

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