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KItes (2010) - Love itself is like a kite-

Does Love has a language? The first time I watched this movie I got an idea like that..
So its time I give you my first hindi movie in search of the PERFECT_MOVIE.
This is a movie that is shown over 50 countries and the name is KITES and its a bollywood - hollywood joint venture.

Another interesting fact heard about the movie is it has released 2 copies separately for bolly fans and another for hollywood. They have decided to remove the songs except the first one in the latter copy.As we all know they might not like all the songs. We usually do not see songs in actions western movies right? :-)
There are rumours that some parts are different in the english copy, maybe little extra. But today i'm giving you the hindi copy .I'll try to give the english one asap.

According to the story J(Hrithik Roshan) is a free style dancer in Mexico.He is a dancing teacher and aiming to become a rich person.So on one fine day Gina(Kangana Ranaut) asks for his love but he doesn't know her wealth and refuses it.But subsequently he gets to know shes rich and tells her the love.Not only that he impresses her family as well.( all done with deceit) One day they go to see Corals and J dives.Then he meets a pretty girl "Natasha". J gets bewildered by the accidentally met beauty.Thats Barabara Mori. Shes in love with Ginas brother whos a police officer. SO the story from there is yours to watch and enjoy. If you enjoy just put a little comment so that I can put more in future..


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