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THE GREEN MILE (1999) -saving lives is harder than destroying it-

As my first post i thought of giving you a movie which I think most of you would have missed. Green Mile was nominated for 4 oscars and it has 8.4/10 in IMDB ratings.

The director is Frank Dabaront who also directed The Shawshank Redemption,which I'll be giving you recently. I watched this movie recently and it made my heart sink. This is undoubtedly one of the best movies I've ever seen where Frank has been able to take us to a famous but a unthinkable conclusion to the movie.

In some movies we cant think who the main actor or the actress is right?But here as you all know TOM Hanks has done his part exceeding well and his role is a treat to watch.John Coffey, another famous character in the movie is played by Micheal Clarke Duncan.Im not going to tell you any further. Its upto you to find out whether its good or bad.I still cat think why they didnt give it the Oscar.

I'll tell you a part of it.John is a new inmate in the prison whos taken there for death penalty on suspected conviction of raping a small girl.Whethet he did it or not you'll be able to see during it.But he has an unusual power in this to save people who are near death. So lets see John who saves others from death he himself would be able to defeat death. Enjoy...


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