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Ace Ventura : pet detective (1994)

Today Im bringing you a bit old, but nevertheless a hilarious comedy, Ace Ventura ,the pet detective. Its the first movie of two. This is the Pet detective. Not to exaggerate to you all, I've watched this movie several times. Its that much attractive to me.
Jim Carry, one of the best actors in hollywood starrs in the movie, and its a Jim Carry "Classic".
It doesnt make you bored in any minute throughout the full time.

Ace Ventura(Jim Carry) is a hip, self styled "pet detective" from Miami who is employed by people to reunite lost or stolen pets with their owners. He behaves like a criminal animal. When a football teams Mascot (dolphin) is stolen just before the superbowl , Ace ventura is put on the case. Now who would want to steal a dolphin and why. Its you to find out in this classic comedy.
Its a must watch movie for all the movie lovers out there. Enjoy..


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