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Death Race (2008) -need to die to be free?-

Death is something thats inevitable for anyone. With that freedom is something we all lack.We all like to live freely. I thought of giving you this movie because I feel that its kind of must watch movie for all those movie lovers who has'nt seen it. This movie has risen the film industry as well as the pc gaming too.The latest games like Split Second and Blur are some what induced by Death race.

Jason Statham and Tyreese Gibson two of my favourite action heros star in this movie. Natalie Martinez a very pretty girl is also in here.
The story is bit strange; just think theres a big penitentiary and theres a race once a month. The most interesting thing is its between prisoners. One who wins it five times consecutively will earn freedom. But to be free have to be alive at the end.

:-) I'm not talking nonsense.., Its the truth in this movie. You 'll see it when you watch it. Hero is born with its name.Here its Jason, its a name given after the last racer.His main opponent is Machine gun-JOE.He also has the ambition of finding his wife's murderer.Jason Statham has lived upto his expectations more than enough in the movie.

So thats all I'm going to tell about it.Its one of the most adrenaline pumped action movie recently released.Has got IMDB 6.6 rating.ENJOY..:-)


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