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The KIte Runner (2007) -feels a dream to me-

Afghanistan...whats the first thought that comes into your mind. I know there will be thousands of things coming into your mind. American invasion, Taliban, war, assassins, and many more to come right..:-) But do you know that before all this in '70s Afghanistan was a peaceful and a beautiful country. Oh I nearly forgot to tell. I'm Aamir, lived in the wonderful city called Kabul. My best friend was Hassan, the son of the servant, Ali who worked at our home. We played and read books. And flying kites was something we did with so much fun.

It was a tradition in our society as well. Indeed it was a game between us. One should try and cut down the string of other kites. The one who remains at the end will have the respect of the rest.

Somehow our friendship came to a halt.Within those days Russia invaded our country in1979.We ran for our lives. But Hassan was not the one to come with us.We went to Pakistan and from there to America.As writing was my favorite I became a novelist.

Today I got a call from the person who greatly appreciated my scribblings.To reveal a family secret he wants me to come there.Whats the secret, you all wanna know..??? then download and enjoy..
IMDB- 7.8/10 Was recommended for 1 oscar and 13 prizes and it has won 3.


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