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Insidious (2011) -320MB

The creators of ‘SAW’ have turned their hands to making an old fashioned horror film, although naturally it comes with a twist.It is a master class in how to make a traditional haunted house movie into a new and terrifying watch.
It will have you jumping out of your seats without resorting to a blood fest or gore.
It stars Patrick Wilson and Rose Byrne as a happily married couple with three children who move into their dream home. When their young son falls off a ladder in the attic and into a coma, unexplained things start to occur in the house. They wisely sell up and move to another neighbourhood, but things continue to go bump in the night at their new home so they turn to a medium for help.
Directed by James Wan and written by Leigh Whannell ‘Insidious’ is a deliciously creepy and chilling supernatural thriller, which plays on your fears and apprehensions of the unknown. It is the first time the pair have worked together since the original ‘SAW’ movie and they make a winning combination.
They know how to create mounting tension and suspense culminating in genuinely scary moments. These are amplified here by the use of a soundtrack of screeching violins a la ‘Psycho’, which end in sudden silence heightening your fearful expectations. It also makes a nice change in a haunted house film to see the family move out at the first sign of paranormal activity rather than remain there till the bitter deadly end.
‘Insidious’ cheekily pays homage to the ‘SAW’ franchise, and seems to be channelling ‘Poltergeist’ with the introduction of the medium and her geeky ghost-busting team. It is at this point that it turns bizarrely from a haunted house movie into ‘The Exorcist’.

Wilson and Byrne make a convincing and likeable husband and wife. You end up caring about them and their family and what happens to them. They are joined by a solid supporting cast which includes Barbara Hershey as Byrne’s overly possessive and controlling mother-in-law. Watch out for Whannell who plays one of the medium’s bickering assistants.

‘Insidious’ is stunningly shot and the supernatural scenes are wonderfully gruesome and macabre.It is refreshing to see a horror film which doesn’t rely on blood and guts or torture porn for that matter to frighten the life out of its audience. This is a rather fun and enjoyably scary ride which ends on a chilling note.

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