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Run, Fatboy, Run (2007) ~True love isn't a sprint. It's a marathon~ 700MB

Hello everyone..I'm back with a movie that might have missed by many of you out there. Run Fat Boy Run 2007, looks like a simple comedy from outwards. But it has a strong plot and a great flow which I've not seen even in the so called great movies. For me it was a high quality inspirational movie about life.

How many times have you ignored particular tasks that seems to be small and of no value even if you do in your life?

Danny Boyle was a person who probably can be the worse of it. The movie begins with him running from his wedding with his wife left on the alter not alone, but with a child in her tummy too. How bad can a man get and will he ever be able to won that same woman?? NO I dont think so.

As the movie goes on another man- Whit comes to his wife's life and he seems to be the perfect husband a woman can get. So does Danny has a chance? No I don't think so. The turning point of Danny's life comes when he finds out about a marathon, for charity, which Whit is going to run and highly proud of. He think it'll be his final resort and tries his best to enter which he succeeds. Just when it about to start he finds out the woman he still love going to marry Whit and can he take it for fun? Ofcourse not, he infact loses hope in running and decides to run away from tasks again -which all of us do. But finally thanks to people around him he has no option other than to run. And the events will follow --I'm not going to describe as the movie is yours now to watch and enjoy, infact the best part is that.

I gurantee that this movie will be equally inspirational to you as it was to me. Its not just another movie but something that'll teach a lesson to you at the end and something to think about. Please don't underestimate the movie by its title , as it gets way too funny and way too serious as the movie progresses. So watch and enjoy..

 (torrent-2007 DvDrip[Eng].---700MB )

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