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Kung Fu Panda 2 (2011)- 300.77 Mb

Kung Fu Panda 2 Review. Kung Fu Panda 2 stands as a shining example of DreamWorks finally getting the sequel formula right. Building off of the success of the original 2008 hit, Panda 2 delivers more laughs, larger scale, finer animation, and arguably more heart. Jack Black returns as the Kung Fu Panda 2 Review incompetently powerful Po the panda to
battle the next stage in warfare that threatens to make hand-to-hand combat extinct. Joined by the Furious Five, the group wages war amidst the Kung Fu Panda 2 Review beautiful landscape of China in thrilling sequences of 3D combat that highlight the evolution of the fighting in the first film.

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With newcomer Jennifer Yuh at the helm, backed by the returning talents of writers Jonathan Aibel and Glenn Berger along with the full voice cast, Kung Fu Panda 2 is the latest animated film to blur the lines between the admiration from adults and kids alike, and brings bang for Kung Fu Panda 2 Review  your buck in 3D.

Hit the jump for the full review. In the original Kung Fu Panda, an unlikely but spectacular fable of self-transformation, the central character of Po (voiced by Jack Black) was essentially an out-of-control American soul trapped in a Chinese panda’s body: garrulous, greedy, gung-ho and prone to endearing bouts of self-doubt.

Yet Po – raised by a fond goose as the presumed heir to a noodle restaurant – had a bigger destiny as a national protector, which could only be realised by immersion in the testing art of kung fu.  If the first film was about acquiring discipline, Kung Fu Panda 2 is a Kung Fu Panda 2 Review paean to self-knowledge, via a long dip into back-story. Kung Fu Panda 2 could have been a quick cash-grab without any soul.

The film was a follow-up to a smash success, and yet I can’t stop thinking about how much the film impressed me. Having been an outspoken fan of the original, it brings me joy to Kung Fu Panda 2 Review praise its sequel. With the oddity of improving in every facet except for the antagonist, Panda 2 shows that hard work can pay off and DreamWorks can be trusted to improve on a previous product.

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