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Saint Angelina Refuses To Leave London Amidst The Riots..

It seems like things are finally starting to calm down in London. According to reports, last night was relatively uneventful, save for one demonstration south-east London, where officers were pelted with missiles by a group of people.
Officers rounded up about 150 men.
Don't get us wrong. By no means are we trying to diminish this violent act, but it is much tamer than some of the other horrible stories we've heard.
Many celebs fled the country when the riots started, including Kristen Stewart who is starting production on Snow White and the Huntsman. But there was one A-lister who wouldn't let the rioters scare her off.Angelina Jolie reportedly refused to have herself and her children evacuated from the city when the mayhem began and has stayed put in London all this week. An insider explains:
"Angelina has visited some of the most dangerous places on the planet and isn't about to pack her suitcase and evacuate just because a very small minority of violent youths have taken to the streets … Angelina and her family could not be safer. She has her own private security and the rioting is limited to areas that she is staying away from," an ex-member of the British police force tells me. "What you are seeing on television is just awful but it is confined to a few very small areas."
She's brave alright and she's teaching that right along to her kids. Those are going to be some fine, strong, upstanding men and women when they grow up.
We're just glad to hear that she and the kids were kept safe through all this.

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