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Leonardo DiCaprio Inception'd His Way To Highest Paid Actor In Forbes

Tough luck, Johnny Depp!

The new champ is Leo DiCaprio, as he has decided to slide into the previously cozy spot at #1 for Depp.

The Catch Me If You Can actor earned $77m in 2010 to claim the top spot on the Forbes

magazine list for the very first time in his career.

DiCaprio's bumper 2010 payday come from the success of his films Inception and Shutter Island which took over $1.2billion at the worldwide box office combined. As well as earning more than $15m for each picture he picked up a slice of the profits, according to Forbes magazine in their annual review of salaries.

Last year's table topper Depp was knocked down to second place with earnings of $50m, despite starring in the year's second biggest box office success Alice In Wonderland, $1.024 billion.

His turn in the critically derided The Tourist was no match for DiCaprio's crowd-pleasing double.
However he may soon make a return to the top spot, his return to the role of Captain Jack Sparrow in the fourth Pirates Of The Caribbean movie has been a huge box office success.

Adam Sandler ended up third on the list, mainly because of the confusingly popular Grown Ups. That movie made over $250 million at the box office!

The question is whether or not Leo can hold his crown next year — but like the source said, the newest Pirates movie was insanely popular!

We'll just have to see! Congrats, Leo!
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