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Ali G In Da House (2002) ~ Me Iz Introducin A White Paper~ 692MB

This is a movie I've been waiting for a long time to upload. Its not simply a comedy for those who love dumb ass movies but something you wont see everyday. But first I must warn this is not suitable for children.:)) As one of the fans has commented  "Yes it is sexist, rude and extremely crude, and I loved it.." So it's yours now to enjoy!!
Let me give you a quote to start with 

""David Carlton: Tell me, Ali, do you have a job?
Ali G: Unfortunately, I iz recently gone on the dole...
David Carlton: Really? When?
Ali G: Eight years and three months ago.
David Carlton: Says here you claim disability benefit, are you...?
Ali G: Yes, I iz actually spasticated. I iz got a terrible DJ'ing injury - I still ain't got full mobility in me main mixing finger...
[starts to air-mix, winces, feigns pain, and stops. Notices Carlton's fit secretary looking at him, so he points to his crotch]
Ali G
: Everything down there's still working, though! Oh, yes...""

""Ali G: You wanna know 'ow I make diz country bettah? Iz simple, two words: keep it real!
Cabinet M.P.: That's three words!
Ali G: Don't be a spannah, it ain't a real word. It's short for innit, innit?""

We've seen him on the telly, we've heard him on CD, and now he's got his own movie. Just like Mr. Bean, Kevin and Perry, and Superstar's Mary Katherine Gallagher before him,  comic figure Ali G has made the giant leap from small screen to big, with his debut feature film Ali G In Da House. The results are hardly surprising but pretty funny all the same.

Sacha Baron Cohen of course takes centre stage as his comic creation Ali G, that is, "Alister Leslie Graham", the pathetic Staines man-child with a home boy fantasy. Learning that his job teaching 'keeping it real' classes at the local "yoof" centre is under threat, Ali decides to take matters into his own hands. Somehow he manages to wind up being voted into the British Parliament as an MP, (wait till you check out his policies), while also being coopted into an evil plot hatched by the Deputy PM (Charles Dance).

In addition to finding out Ali G's real name (see above), we meet "Me Julie" or "J.Lu", Ali's "Nan", and hear and see enough nob jokes to make the Carry On mob proud. As Ali G, Cohen manages to out-idiot, out-dumb and out-ignorant many of those cinema clowns who have come before him, especially as a politician… For real, Ali G makes Pauline Hanson look like Gough Whitlam.

Ali G fans (of which I am one) have always kind of known though that the Ali G movie would always come at a price; the sacrifice of Cohen's one great comedic strength, improvisation. Ali G In Da House certainly lacks the risky edge Cohen took with his tele show, but it does attempt to make up for this gap with tons of puerile humour, (some good, some not-so), and, some quite fabulous sequences and set pieces, as Ali the dumb-arse hero ultimately triumphs over evil.

 (torrent-(2002) DVDRIP ---692MB )

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