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Enemy At the Gates (2010) -Battle Between two nations is a conflict between two men-

Today its a story of world's great marksmen,thats unfolds in Perfect Movie4u. We know of many movies based on 2nd World war.This one is based on the Battle of Stalingrad.Its where the destructive, advancing german troops got their first defeat and ultimately the turning point in their 2nd WW. Jude Law is Vassili Zaitsev the sniper hero of the Russian Red army and Ed Harris is Major Cornig of Nazis.
 Joseph Fiennes is Commisar Danilov who raises Vassili to the level of National hero by his publicity. And the beautiful and sexy Rachel Weisz is Tania who does a strong act for her character.

The story begins with an intro into the Red army and its soldiers who face the risk of death by both camps. Then the talent of Vassili as a shooter is revealed and then he gets transferred to the sniper division. As the story continues it beautifully displays the battle of the two great snipers Vassili and Major Kornig and lets us to be in a dilemma as to who will win the battle finally.Thats up to you to find out.
I think its my duty to talk few words of Vassili.As the Stalingrad battle became mare tense it was the snipers who did the best job.And it is calculated that the bullets fired by his rifle has taken more than 220 German lives at the end. As this is based on real characters, Vassili Zaitsev's rifle is still safely intact in a Russian Museum.

For those who think its only action in here you are wrong.Its a complete movie where Tania plays her part so well and adds a bit more than a touch of romance to the movie.
IMDb rating 7.4/10. So you can download it here and enjoy.Please leave a comment if u like it.:)




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