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Robin Hood (2010) -"Rise and RIse Again, Until Lambs Become Lions"-

Today I present you a marvelous, breathtaking piece of art that takes our memories to the 19th century. Robin hood is not another movie but undoubtedly had preserved its magnificent legendary characteristics that we all remember and cherish from the TV series.The locations in the movie are mind-blowingly similar and actually makes us feel that we are in that time.

Directed by Ridley Scott,Robin Hood features Cate Blanchett as Marion Loxley and the hollywood legend Russell Crowe as Robin Longstide or Robin Hood. Russel Crowe has yet again done the magic and has plyed a role not even second to his character in Gladiator. As for many others he is one of my favourite all time actors.
Back to the movie again, the story begins with Robin with King Richard's army as an ordinary archer.Later the king gets killed and Robin and few of his mates leave, then the accidentally meet Sir Robert Loxley whos about to die by Godfrey. This is a specail moment for Robin as he receives something that will change his entire life and the ordinary archer becomes and extraordinary warrior who saves England as the movie continues.Though the end is bit sad its a great movie that you can watch without any  delay from beginning to end.

IMDB ratings 6.9/10.its yours to watch and enjoy again and again :)



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