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Machete (2010) -He was given an offer he couldn't refuse..-

Today I give you a super hot movie with superstars,Machete. It was released earlier this month and talking about the cast, actresses like Jessica Alba, Michelle Rodriguez, we know from Fast and Furious and Avatar and the pretty Lindsay Lohan who contributes to this movie away from her usual romantic play and in a much action based manner to entertain us in this box office record breaking product.

Danny Trejo stars in the movie as Machete and there are whole bunch of superstars in it including Robert De Niro and  Steven Seagal.Machete the film, much like the trailer, is a series of over the top, giggle inducing, hyper-violent set pieces, strung together at a brisk pace by a convoluted, overly melodramatic plot.

There is a crazed, redneck, illegal immigrant hating Senator (Robert DeNiro ACTUALLY seeming to have fun for a change) and his insidious, power mad aide (the brilliant Jeff Fahey.) There is a sociopathic drug lord with a penchant for decapitating his enemies (a surprisingly amazing Steven Seagal.) A rather good, but underused Lindsay Lohan dressed as a gun-toting nun. Cheech Marin, stealing scenes as always, as a deadly, foul mouthed priest. And the incomparably awe inspiring (yet also underused) Don Johnson as a sly, cigar chomping vigilante, just to name a few of the interesting faces and characters that move the whole film along.

All that should be incentive enough to make you want to see the film. But really, in the end, if you're a fan of old school, 
Charles Bronson style, over the top 70's revenge/action flicks,Machete is for you. It's a gloriously tongue in cheek exercise in B-Film entertainment. It has enough blood letting, boobs and bad assery for 10 Movies and it flies along at such a brisk clip you wont even care that it all doesn't make a lick of sense.

Throw your pretensions out the door, pony up the dough and download to see 
Machete right now. It has gained IMDb 7.6/10 in rankings for its high popularity.Enjoy...


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